Saturday, December 19, 2009

An artist's salvation: Amber Christian Osterhout

Disease Onset

Most recently a friend of mine introduced me to this painter... I was first struck by her ability to translate the pain of living with a loved one struggling with mental illness to canvas. Her paintings are so strong, beautiful, and empathetic. I personally live with a mental illness, which is sometimes hard to face. I lived with it for 18 years until I couldn't manage anymore. I was tired of closing off the side of me I had locked away. I always tried to be strong, and functioned with major depression for 18 years till I had a complete breakdown. It was one of the most painful and confusing times in my life. These past 3 years I have been in recovery. Some days are a struggle, and it's painful to have something you have only so much control over... Opening up about my struggles and getting help has allowed me to be free. Amber's paintings mean so much, and she is beautiful for sharing them. Art became a catharsis for me many years ago. It saved my life. All I can say is don't be afraid and open your heart and mind to the subject of mental illness and the people you encounter with it. See them as people, human. There is truth and insight to every encounter and every experience. They tell us who we are.


Lack of Insight




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